Thursday, January 26, 2012

Writing creed

So apparently insomnia makes me write things. This is the answer to both why I write, and what I write.

Why I Write:

I write to entertain
to thrill
to engage
If a message slips in, all the better, but first it must be fun.
I am heir to the penny dreadful
the pulp magazines
dime novels and movie serials
comics and action flicks.
I walk in the footsteps of giants.
Poe, Lovecraft, Haggard and Doyle
Howard, Burroughs, Siegel and Lee.

I write so that I can entertain
of worlds undreamed
and wild adventures.
I write so we can all have a bit of fun.
Not to hammer a message home or preach
Just a bit of escapism.

And maybe, just perhaps,
If you read what I write
you can dream of a better world.

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